GRAPE-VARIETY : 100% Nebbiolo SELECTION-LIMITED BOTTLES CLIMATE: the microclimate of the Roero is just about perfect for the production of high quality wines. First-of-all, rainfall in this area is below the national average, and nearly every summer is hot, with plenty of days of sunshine. Most of the rain falls in the spring, while the quality of the grapes is not affected by the brief thunderstorms that tend to break out during the summer . WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE: only certain vineyards have the capacity to produce the best grapes for this wine, which are then thinned so that they ripen with just the right balance between acidity , sugars, and phenolics. The grapes are de-stemmed and crushed, a nd then inoculated with selected yeasts in order to achieve a fermentation as complete and pure as possible. After being drawn off , the wine is transferred into small wooden barrels (225 and 500 lt.) for the malolactic fermentation and maturing of around 16-18 months. After bottling, the wine begins a period of ageing in the bottle , lying on special racks for approximately 6-8 months. TASTING NOTES: deep ruby-red, with an intense – though delicate – vinous nose that’ s set off by nice wood. Dry , full-bodied and slightly bitterish flavour that softens on ageing to bring out its fullness and balance. PAIRINGS: recommended for very tasty cuisine. Complex dishes, to the great dishes of meat of the Piedmontese typical cuisine, rich of tastes and perfumes; to the great aged cheese of the Piedmont. WINE-PRODUCER, OENOLOGIST : Gianluca Battaglio

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