VARIETY:Moscato Bianco di Canelli 100% PRODUCTION ZONE:Monferrato (Castagnole delle Lanze) CULTIVATION OF THE VINEYARD:Low Guyot on hills with favorable slopes. VINIFICATION:in steel tanks with controlled temperature ranging from 12°C to 14°C Carefully chosen grapes are sent straight to the winery. Soft pressing yields a must that is then cooled and filtered. Foaming is the result of natural fermentation in an autoclave and an isobaric filler is used for bottling. MATURATION AND AGING:in steel tanks for at least 2 months and then in bottle for at least 1 month The sweetness and strong aroma of this wine make aging unnecessary. It should be drunk young, since its fragrance and freshness diminish in the course of time. SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS: Brilliant pale straw yellow with delicate pale green hues. A slight white foam disperses to form a lingering sea of bubbles. Aromatic, flowery and fruity bouquet. Pleasantly sweet and fresh palate due to its low alcoholic strength and correct acid taste. A soft wine with the rich undertones typical of the Moscato grape. Intense and long-lasting aroma. FOOD MATCHES: A dessert wine par excellence that goes well with all oven-baked cakes. It is also a good companion for pastries, filled cakes, fruit tarts and sweets eaten with a spoon. A splendid, readily appreciable table-talk wine that confers a joyous feeling of simplicity and freshness. SERVING TEMPERATURE:9-10 °C BY DRINKING: max 2 years

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