Dolcetto d'Alba Doc “Serragrilli”GRAPE-VARIETY : 100% Dolcetto CLIMATE: from the climatic point of view the Langhes (Neive) possess optimal and exceptional climatic characteristics for the production of wines of high quality known all over the world. We can consider it an alternative among Langhe (Barolo zone) and Roero. WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE: to be able to get a big Dolcetto, it is necessary to make the best choice of the grapes. These arrive in the wine cellar in cassettes, you press in the way softest possible. With the start of the alcoholic fermentation it also begi ns the process of maceration for a period of about 6-8 days and at low temperature to extract perfumes typical of this vine. “Déléstag e” are used to get wines rich in colour . Then wine passes in steel strokes where the fermentation malolattic will happen. Wine is decanted then with care and put again in the steel barrels in which it will stop for a few months. After few months wine will b e bottled. It deals with a young wine to be consumed in the two following years the vintage. TASTING NOTES: this wine is characterized by strong perfumes, it has a red ruby colour . To the perfume it is fragrant with signs of viola, fresh fruit and red flowers, very pleasant to the palate for her good harmony and freshness. Its fullness remains for a long time in mouth of the taster . WINE-PRODUCER, OENOLOGIST : Gianluca Battaglio

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